DRC-40DK/DRC-41DK Doorlock Camera

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  • 2 Door open camera (CDV-70KR3/70AR3 Connectable)
  • 3 way access (PW, RF Card, Videophone)
  • Enter the password using 10 key
  • Illuminance sensor
  • Outdoor model
  • Housecall and talk
  • Motion detection (PIR)
  • DRC-40DK: Wall-mounted type
  • DRC-41DK: Built-in type


Call to order: 0248250016 / 0303965703

Power source: 12VD/1A(Adaptor)
Operation Temp.: -10℃~50℃
4 wires to a monitor
2 wires to the DOOR 1
3 wires to DOOR 2(non-polarity)
Minimum Illumination: 0.1Lux (up to 300mm)
Lighting: Built-in white LED (3 pie) 2 EA
Imaging angle: 110°diagonal
Camera viewing angle: Hotiz. 75° Vert.55°
Distance: 28m(Ø0.5 UTP)
DRC-40DK: 127(W)×193(H)×54(D)
DRC-41DK: 127(W)×193(H)×63(D)

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